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Practicing Natural Women's Health & Gynecology

Meet Catherine Clark

Midwife and Natural Women's Health Specialist

Catherine has been practicing the art of Midwifery for 29 years.  For Catherine, being a Midwife is much more than a profession.  It is a way of life... the core of which is anchored on values of connection, love. kindness and healing of women and their families throughout the childbearing years. Catherine also extends her practice beyond the childbearing years and into the years where your own health is paramount and those you have spent years caring for have learned to care for themselves.

Catherine has practiced in hospitals, birth centers and in people's homes. She began her journey into Midwifery as a Birth Assistant at Maternity Center in NYC.  From there she went back for her second Bachelor's degree in Nursing (first degree was liberal arts at Bowdoin College) and her Master's in Midwifery at Columbia University.  She then began her Midwifery career at St Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan, then Elizabeth Seton Childbearing Center where she quickly became the Clinical Director for several years until the birth of her third child. She founded Bluebird Midwifery as her solo practice in 2006 and has been practicing ever since.  She currently has her practice on Union Street, a little commercial block just west of the BQE on the border between Red Hook and Carroll Gardens. 


Catherine is no longer seeing clients and will post here when her practice resumes.  

Catherine is also the owner of Brooklyn General Store where she blends her love of fiber arts with her passion for community.  You can find her bouncing back and forth between the shop and her office most days.  If you are a knitter or sewist, you can be sure that Brooklyn General will become a regular stop on your way to see the Midwife.



"Catherine Clark has the gift of making you feel comfortable and safe visit after visit. Her bedside manner is always on point, and I love her sense of humor too.  Catherine’s experience and knowledge come through the way she explains things to you at the same time that she examines you making you forget you are half naked and worried. The whole experience is always super charming at her office, from the lovely fabric she gives you to cover yourself to all the cute art on her walls that her clients have given her over the years.  I have been seeing Catherine for over 10 years and the support you get from her you can’t find anywhere else."

-Alejandra Belmar, Brooklyn, NY

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