Catherine Clark founded her solo-practice, Bluebird Midwifery in 2006. Catherine has 30 years experience in women’s health and birthing. She has been a licensed midwife for 21 years. She began her career as a birth assistant at the Maternity Center Association in NYC in 1986. She received her Masters of Science Degree in Nursing at Columbia University in 1995. She then worked as a midwife at St.Vincent’s Hospital Midwifery Service and the Elizabeth Seton Childbearing Center, where she also served as the Clinical Director for 2 years until the birth of her 3rd baby. Thereafter, she worked as a midwife in Long Island College Hospital’s faculty practice before co-founding the Brooklyn Midwifery Collective.  Catherine has lived in Brooklyn for more than 25 years and is proud to be raising 3 children in this beautiful borough. Catherine is also the owner of Brooklyn General Store where she blends her love of yarn and textiles with her love of community.

In 2018, Christiane McCloskey of City Midwifery joined Bluebird Midwifery.  Christiane has her own private practice as well and is a wonderful addition to the care Bluebird has to offer. Please look at her website for more info.